F104 Version II Pro

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«F104 Version II Pro specification chassis kit

The new F104 Version II chassis incorporates a Pivot Ball Link Rear Suspension (PBLR) like the one found on the TAMIYA 1/12 scale RM-01 chassis. Compared to the previous 3-point T-bar rear suspension system, this new setup enables more precise adjustments of the chassis’ pitch and roll characteristics. The new car will have greater traction potential and carries more corner speed than the previous chassis design. The kit includes plenty of Option Parts as standard equipment, as its «PRO» designation implies.

Specs and Features

1. 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
2. Kit features a newly designed lower deck and a lower brace made from 3.0mm thick carbon fiber.
3. PBLR suspension system features a center pivot ball, an aluminum pitch damper to temper chassis pitch movement, and an aluminum roll damper and side links to control chassis roll.
4. Front suspension features a kingpin/coil spring with the F104’s suspension arms. (Same front end as F104 version I)
5. Direct-Drive 2WD system comes equipped with a height-adjustable gear case and a ball-differential.
6. Other features include a hi-torque servo saver, aluminum servo horn, aluminum upper suspension mount, aluminum clamp-type wheel hubs, low-friction suspension balls, and fluorine coated ball connectors.
7. Compatible with Li-Fe, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, LiPo and other rectangular battery packs.
8. Body, front & rear wings, motor, tires, R/C unit, battery pack sold separately.
9. Ferrari F60, McClaren MP4-24 and F104 Pro body sets fit the new F104 Version II and the side pontoons may also be used for the best scale appearance.

The following option parts can be added to the new PRO F104 version 2:

Item 54160 F104 Titanium Coated King Pin
Item 54162 F104 Carbon Rear Shaft
Item 54203 F104 Aluminum Servo Mount (L/R)
Item 54337 RM-01 Aluminum Damper V Parts
Item 54351 RM-01 Carbon Damper Mount Plate
Item 54352 RM-01 Roll Spring Set
Item 54356 RM-01 Aluminum Motor Mount
Item 54357 F104 Adjustable Metal Upright Set
Item 54359 RM-01 Pitch Spring Set
Item 54360 Fluorine Coated 5mm Alu. Short Ball Nut
Item 54375 RM-01 Carbon Motor Mount Rear Plate Set

Release date: June 2012 (late June)

Two Factory Team test cars will be hitting the local circuits in So Cal in early May. »

Resumiendo un Exotek F1R a la Tamiya, aprovechando las piezas del nuevo 1/12 (RM01) que acaban de sacar…Esto se pone interesante. Apostaria que con «cuatro» referencias se puede convertir un F103/4…


  • Genial. Ya estoy esperando esa lista de piezas con impaciencia.