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Hi I am working on modeling the human body with the kinect sensor currently From the result of Depth data converted from KinectSensor Map Function I found some distortions in the model So I scanned a flat plane wall I figured out there are axial distortions in the depth data especially

Beginner s Guide to Propulsion Turbine Engine

Answers will vary Suggested answers are shown below Use the Gas Turbine Parts section loed in the Propulsion Index of the Beginner s Guide to Propulsion to match the correct letter from above with the listed part Write the corresponding letter for each part in the space to the right of the word

Chromatic aberration Wikipedia

In optics chromatic aberration abbreviated CA also called chromatic distortion and spherochromatism is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point It is caused by dispersion the refractive index of the lens elements varies with the wavelength of light The refractive index of most transparent materials decreases with increasing wavelength

What is Chromatic Aberration Photography Life

Chromatic aberration also known as color fringing or purple fringing is a common optical problem that occurs when a lens is either unable to bring all wavelengths of color to the same focal plane and or when wavelengths of color are focused at different positions in the focal plane

Radial Geometry imatest

Radial Geometry adds or corrects distortion lateral chromatic aberration LCA and or rotation all of which are radiallysymmetric operations they are applied in polar coordinates It can correct distortion using coefficients calculated in Distortion SFRplus Checkerboard or Dot Pattern

Beams with axial loads Engineering Mechanics

Basic idea Consider a column that is constructed from two pinconnected links with a torsional spring connected between the two links as shown in the figure As long as the two bars AB and BC are perfectly aligned the system is in equilibrium and one theoretically

Voltage Waveform Distortion Causes Effects Cures

Is voltage waveform distortion the culprit for equipment malfunction or overloaded power sources Find out how to extend your equipment s life The scene is all too common Technicians and electricians investigating voltage quality problems uncover distorted voltage waveforms at individual power sources or at the enduse equipment loions

MECHANICS THEORY University of Oklahoma

Maximum Distortion Energy Criterion or von Mises Yield Criterion Blue Regoin is Safe The third theory looks at the total energy at failure and compares that with the total energy in a unixial test at failure Any elastic member under load acts like a spring and stores energy This is commonly called distortational energy and can be calculated as

Optimization of Process Parameters for the Axial

Quenching distortion is inevitable during the process and it has direct effects on the precision of the gear For spiral bevel gear with big diameter and small thickness die quenching process is applied in the manufacturing to control the distortion in axial direction

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Situation A radiograph of the Teufel method PA axial oblique demonstrates distortion of the acetabulum During positioning the patient was rotated 35 186 to 40 186 toward the affected side and CR was angle 20 186 cephalad What modifiions are needed during the repeat exposure

1725 Exam 4 distortion Flashcards Quizlet

1725 Exam 4 distortion STUDY PLAY Terms in this set misrepresentation of the true size or shape of the image as compared to the object AP PA axial projection of sigmoid colon butterfly position what are some exams where shape distortion is

Axial Deformation Strength of Materials Review

Axial Deformation In the linear portion of the stressstrain diagram the tress is proportional to strain and is given by To use this formula the load must be axial the bar must have a uniform crosssectional area and the stress must not exceed the proportional limit

axial distortion schroderstoffen

Axial distortion as a sensor of supercoil changes a Negative supercoiling stimulates transcription of many gen In contrast transcription of the genes coding for DNA gyrase is subject to a novel mechanism of autoregulation wherein relaxation of the template DNA stimulates their transcription Since DNA gyrase is the sole supercoiling

Operating Reactivity Margin Axial Power Density

3 days ago nbsp 0183 32Axial power density distortion irregularity lack of uniformity or skew of the neutron flux across the reactor vertically Xenon a neutron absorber reducer occurring naturally in the reactor that causes both a reduction of ORM and is a factor in spatial power density distortion additionally is often referred to as a poison

Axial Imidazole Distortion Effects on the Catalytic and

The distortion in the axial ironimidazole bond in DHHis has profound and negative influence on the binding and alytic properties of this complex compared to DHAlaHis The former complex binds more weakly carbon monoxide in its reduced form and imidazole in its oxidized form than the latter

Geometrical Distortion micro magnet fsu edu

Quantitatively distortion can be described by the following equation DM M l M M where M is the axial lateral magnifiion and M l is the offaxis magnifiion at the image plane If the lateral magnifiion increases proportionally with the offaxis distance of the object distortion is positive producing a pincushion effect

Coordination Number Six Regular Distorted axial

Coordination Number Six Octahedral is a very important geometry It is the starting point for the shapes of most transition metal complexes 1 Regular octahedron all distances are EQUIVALENT 2 Distorted Octahedron axial distortion a ≠ b 3 Distorted Octahedron Rhombic distortion 4 Distorted Octahedron trigonal distortion

Pressure Vessels Stresses Under Combined Loads Yield

Pressure Vessels Stresses Under Combined Loads Yield Criteria for This normal stress is known as the axial longitudinal or meridional stress 1913 also known as the maximum distortion energy criterion octahedral shear stress theory or MaxwellHuberHenckyvon Mises theory is often

Imagebased correction of continuous and discontinuous non

Dec 30 2016 nbsp 0183 32Since distortion free volumes do not exist we had to first correct the original image volume using the same nonplanar axial distortion correction method The resulting series from the perspective of our method is free of distortions

Axialflow compressor analysis under distorted phenomena

The main objective of this paper is to address the numerical solution for most uncertain problem like unsteady and nonuniform flow across the axialflow compressor The axialflow compressor distorted flow problem is modeled and analyzed by means of a systematic threedimensional numerical approach

axial distortion ellul

Axial distortion could modulate transcription either directly or indirectly In a direct role axial distortion could optimally align promoter elem ents to facilitate any of the various steps in transcription initiation on the relaxed template The superpositioning of supercoiling in

What s the difference between axial and radial movement

Sep 14 2015 nbsp 0183 32Axial means along the axis of rotation Radial means along a radius a line from the center to the outer surface perpendicular to the axis

MIT AeroAstro Prof Edward Greitzer publiionslions

Greitzer E M Technical Comment on quotAttenuation of Inlet Flow Distortion Upstream of Axial Flow Compressors quot J Aircraft Vol 9 pp 511512 July 1972 Greitzer E M quotUpstream Attenuation and QuasiSteady Rotor Lift Fluctuations in Asymmetric Flows in Axial

Stall Inception Mechanism in an Axial Flow Fan Under Clean

Some preliminary flow characteristics were studied using a seven hole probe A significant increase in flow angle and decrease in axial flow coefficient close to the rotor tip were observed under corotating inflow distortion as compared with counterrotating inflow distortion

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